Couchpotatoes Abroad


We all have that place. That place away from home, that feels like home. It can be a town nearby or a country far away, for each of us it is different, but we all have that same feeling when we are there. For us that place is Bali. We have been here before (for an incredible year during our study), and in that time we got to know the ins and… Read More

The Gili Islands – Islands with clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and a tropical island vibe! You can find these islands just off the coast of Lombok, close to Bali. There are three islands. The main island, the furthest from the mainland, is Gili Trawangan. Also known as Gili T, the island is THE party island with great night-life, lots of restaurants and plenty of hotels. Closest to Lombok is Gili… Read More