Time to say goodbye to China – As our China trip draws to a close, we contemplate on our amazing journey that captivated our travel spirits. From Beijing and the climbing of the wall of walls, to the heart of china with the emperor’s terracotta warriors and so much more! In our last leg of our epic journey through China we visited Chengdu, home of the Pandas, Leshan’s 74 meter tall Buddha, the ancient town of Fenghuang, the misty mountains of Zhangjiajie, went bamboo rafting on the Yulong River in Yangshuo and strolled around incredible Hong Kong and so much more amazing experiences in between. Great memories not to be forgotten and of course we want to share them with you! Read More

Nothing but amazement – From the ancient walled city of Pingyao, the thousands of Buddha carvings at the Longmen Caves to the Terracotta army, it’s an incredible journey! Read More

Beijing is a city with more people than entire Holland combined. It is a city of surprises, where hutongs exist side by side with skyscrapers and the place where West meets the oriental East. Beijing is considered the capital of the East, with the mythical Forbidden City, lean Peking Duck, nine million bicycles, and so much more to explore, we didn’t hesitate to add Beijing to our travel plans, and the city didn’t disappoint.  Read More

23-28 August, 2017

A strenuous journey to Mongolian hospitality!

It was (finally) time to say goodbye to Russia as we are taking the Trans-Mongolian Train to Ulaanbatar from Irkutsk! After a complete relaxing week in Listvyanka, and a decent lunch at our favorite hotspot, it was time for a new adventure!

We choose to budget our way to the train station (also because of our previous taxi experience) and made our way to Irkutsk by mini-bus. We arrived three hours early as we wanted to make sure we took the right train, nothing is more confusing than taking a train in Irkutsk at Moscow time😂 Read More

28 August – 3 September, 2017

We knew that this trip was going to be great, but this time it was so much more than we expected! We drove more than 2.000km across five provinces, including the epic Gobi Desert. The journey of a life-time tossed us in one adventure after the other. The way was mainly off-road, luckily I brought pills for travel sickness. Never have I been this excited to share our experience! I apologize in advance about the lengthiness of this post, I just did not want to leave anything out 😅 Read More

Viewpoint at Lake Baikal hike

15-23 August, 2017

After the long (74hs) but relaxing trainride we arrived in Irkutsk at 06:00am. At our arrival we were thrown back into (the now known) Russian madness at the train station, with taxi drivers, sellers and travellers crawling around us like flies on shit. Luckily we came prepared (this time😅). We knew we wanted to take the easy way to our hotel in Listvyanka, so we charted a taxi. The taxi-ride turned into quite the experience, as the driver didn’t speak a word of English and he said he did not need to see the address?! He kept saying “Da” and “pay now”, so we went on our way. Read More


11-15 August, 2017

My mind wanders away as the train traverses the green landscape. The train pushes its way through the vast green pastures as we stare out of our little window. The rocking of the train is pretty similar to that of a boat and the motion seems to have some sort of sedating effect on my thoughts.  Read More


7-11 August, 2017

Uncharted territory takes a completely different turn here. Our fancy speed train reached speeds of over 220 km/h and took us from St. Petersburg to Moscow in no time. We were supposed to arrive at the south station of Mosow, from which it would have been a 5-minute subway ride to the hotel (spoiler: it wasn’t). Read More


4-7 August, 2017

After a couple of days in St. Petersburg, Anna-Lena and I can agree that even though we’ve had lots of rain, this city has captivated our hearts as one of the nicest cities we’ve ever visited.

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2-3 August, 2017

Lots of stress, two days, new time zone

There is nothing like a restless night before a big journey to get well underway. We woke up early to start packing our bags (and yes, I know we should have done that way earlier😆). It is never easy to leave home, but we are looking forward to our trip of a lifetime.

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