Moon hill Yangshuo Timo China

Last leg of China – From fluffy Pandas to buzzing Hong Kong!

October 22, 2017

Time to say goodbye to China – As our China trip draws to a close, we contemplate on our amazing journey that captivated our travel spirits. From Beijing and the climbing of the wall of walls, to the heart of china with the emperor’s terracotta warriors and so much more! In our last leg of […]

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China Xian terracotta army panorama

Central China – Beyond The Emperor’s Ghost Army!

September 30, 2017

Nothing but amazement – From the ancient walled city of Pingyao, the thousands of Buddha carvings at the Longmen Caves to the Terracotta army, it’s an incredible journey!

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Great wild Wall of China Mutianyu

The Great Wall & Beijing – smoggingly stunning

September 19, 2017

Beijing is a city with more people than entire Holland combined. It is a city of surprises, where hutongs exist side by side with skyscrapers and the place where West meets the oriental East. Beijing is considered the capital of the East, with the mythical Forbidden City, lean Peking Duck, nine million bicycles, and so […]

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