Our first blogpost!

2-3 August, 2017

Lots of stress, two days, new time zone

There is nothing like a restless night before a big journey to get well underway. We woke up early to start packing our bags (and yes, I know we should have done that way earlier😆). It is never easy to leave home, but we are looking forward to our trip of a lifetime.

We have been so exceptionally busy with arranging everything that I totally forgot to take out my pocket-knife from my hand luggage. This to the amusement of the security guard and later, my father, who made use of the moment to tell me just how stupid that was. I can only imagine what he must have been thinking😆 luckily for me, everyone saw the fun in my embarrassment😅.

We flew with AirBaltic from Amsterdam to Riga, which took close to two hours and we experienced quite some turbulence to my discomfort (Lets just say I was happy to have my feet back on the ground 😉).

Due to our late arrival (around 11pm) in Riga, Latvia, the shops and restaurants were already closed. A dinner at Mcdonalds was inevitable. Unfortunately for Anna-Lena there was nothing vegetarian on the menu besides french fries and slices of apple. I of course went all out and had two McChicken Menus. After our luxurious dinner we headed for the hotel, Ibis Riga Centre, only minutes away. We were both exhausted and went to bed almost immediately.

The next morning we woke up early, had a little breakfast and set out to explore the city. Riga is known for its magnificent architecture, museums and medieval city-centre. We walked through the city, went to several churches and parks and found out that it was international beer day. This is of course a celebration we just had to partake in. We sat down on a terrace and enjoyed the lovely weather with a local brew and toasted to our adventurous days ahead. After our drink we got hungry and grabbed a early dinner at the central bus station before we headed back to the airport.

As we were leaving the EU we had to go through passport control. We flew with a small airplane, which meant more turbulance. I was overjoyed to finally arrive in St Petersburg. A driver was waiting with a sign to pick us up and we raced to the apartment. In the evening we had a lovely dinner and headed in early.
Tomorrow we will explore St. Petersburg! I can’t wait!

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