We finally arrived in the Philippines! After spending two amazing weeks with my folks chilling at the pool in Cha’am our travel adventure continues! Known for its impressive beaches, amazing wildlife and stunning islands, the Philippines have been on our radar for years. We couldn’t wait to get our feet on the ground here! We started exploring Donsol first, unsuccessfully trying to find some whale-sharks but seeing dancing fireflies. We then continued to Coron for some island hopping! Read More

The Gulf of Thailand has so many amazing islands to offer, with Koh Samui, Ko Tao, Koh Phangan and many more! As indecisive as ever we didn’t have a clue which islands we should visit. While talking to a resident in Khanom we were told about the Ang Thong Islands, which sounded just divine and therefore like an excellent place to start exploring the Gulf of Thailand! Read More

Idyllic empty beaches with hammocks, plenty of booze and good weather, the perfect combination for having a great time! This time we are in Southern Thailand in search of Khanom’s illusive Pink Dolphins. Read More

When we first heard about the lake, we were told about locals living in water villages, friendly people and beautiful nature, so we were quick to add the stop to our list. More recently, just before we made our way to Nyaungshwe, we heard mixed opinions about the lake, so we were eager to find out what’s what! Read More

An absolute highlight of our trip so far and an absolute must-visit for every traveller! This place is on many bucket-lists, including our own, and with good reason. Countless temples take over the impressive landscape in and around Bagan. There are in fact so many temples in the area that most of them don’t even have a name, just a number. There used to be more than five thousand of them, but earthquakes have leveled about half of them. Getting lost on a slow e-bike and exploring temples like Indiana Jones is the best thing ever! Standing on top of one of the many Pagodas gives you a true feeling of awe. Read More

A country that has it all! Myanmar is the perfect combination of rarely visited highlights and exceptional friendly people. Only relatively recently opened to tourists, this country has earned a spot on our list of favorite countries ever visited. We opted to visit Myanmar’s ancient capital Mandalay, the temples of Bagan and the fishermen of Inle Lake. Read More

We all have that place. That place away from home, that feels like home. It can be a town nearby or a country far away, for each of us it is different, but we all have that same feeling when we are there.

For us that place is Bali. We have been here before (for an incredible year during our study), and in that time we got to know the ins and outs of what Bali has to offer. We knew where to eat, drink and get the best fruit Juices and Tempe (Anna-Lena’s favorite food). Even in Kuta (Bali’s liveliest area) you can still find quiet places if you know where to look.

Read More

The Gili Islands – Islands with clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and a tropical island vibe! You can find these islands just off the coast of Lombok, close to Bali.

There are three islands. The main island, the furthest from the mainland, is Gili Trawangan. Also known as Gili T, the island is THE party island with great night-life, lots of restaurants and plenty of hotels. Closest to Lombok is Gili Air, still busy with upcoming hotels but a more relaxed vibe than Trawangan. In-between is Gili Meno, the island we chose, which is known for its slow-paced lifestyle and for having the best beaches of all the islands. Read More

We’ve already been to Thailand last time around, but this time we weren’t going to miss the Yee Peng festival in Chiang Mai! This legendary festival was on both our bucket lists, so we couldn’t wait to get here! The colorful festival of light is actually a combination of two Thai holidays; the Yee Peng festival (celebrated only in northern Thailand) and the Loi Krathong festival that are celebrated on the same day. The first being the “lantern festival” and the second being the “floats festival”. Thousands of lanterns are set to the sky and thousands of Krathongs are being released into the Ping River nearby, supposedly banning bad luck and bad spirits. Every temple in Chiang Mai is decorated colorfully and there is a festive atmosphere throughout the small town. An amazing spectacle we were happy we could attend! Read More

Ancient beautiful temples, large stretches of jungle, endless cascading waterfalls and cheap beer, whats not to like about Laos?! We planned to be in Chiang Mai for the Yi Peng festival in the start of November so we had some time to fill. Last time we travelled through South East Asia (SEA), Laos was one of the countries that really stood out. We didn’t hesitate to spend some time here and the country didn’t disappoint!  Read More